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Welcome to Ottawa Business Guide with business and News forums powered by Vbulletin. The aim to set up this service is to help develop Ottawa, our capital's economy and further improve our residents' life quality.

OBG consists of two major parts: Ottawa Local Business and Comprehensive news Forums

Ottawa Local Business provides systematic introduction of Ottawa local business.

Comprehensive news Forums provide common people, organizations or firms with easy, free and pleasant places to post what they want to promote, discuss what they think is right, and share what they need under the forum rules

However, for business ads and discussions, the forums are just to provide general information for your reference. It is your own responsibility and risk to decide if to use the information.

Anyone can post stuff at the forums as long as they register with a user name, passport and a valid e-mail address. For this reason, we can not guarantee the soundness, correctness and accuracy of the contents to meet your tastes.

In addition, all the arguments, articles, news, clips, comments, complaints posted at the forums are the wills and opinions of the posters or writers, do not represent our views. We are not responsible for any of them.

It is just like that the law can't prevent crimes from happening, but can stop them and punish the criminals; we can't prevent the users of the site from posting bad materials, but we can remove them and ban the users' accounts as long as we have been notified.

On behalf of the users, we, legally, don't have the right to leak any information regarding the user's privacy to anyone, any party or organization.

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